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Am I the only one who wakes up on Monday morning feeling like the weekend was too short? Well it’s probably the worst feeling I’ve ever had! Pulling myself out of bed is extremely difficult every day of the week but Monday has an extra twist to it. It’s almost like my body refuses to click into gear on Monday morning. You just don’t feel like getting out of bed and when you finally do, the struggle only gets worse.

Mondays are usually the hottest in terms of weather and temperature. As has become the tradition in UPSA, Monday is also known as Official Monday. The neatly ironed formal shirt and trousers with a tie completes the look. Sometimes I look at some people and wonder if “official” is a blessing or a curse for them. By the time I take that 5 minute walk from my hostel to the lecture block, I’m more optimistic about how the day will turn out. This optimism more often than not pushes the memory of sleep down 5 chambers. Then again there’s a reason it’s called MONDAY! Class starts at 7;30 am and usually when I enter the lecture hall at 7;20 am, my heart sinks to the pits of my belly. More often than not, I can count the number of people in class in just a single heart beat. Then I realise that after all more people have the Monday Syndrome than I actually envisioned. Honestly, the joy that fills my heart when I close at 10;30 am, surpasses all other joy in the world. Another three hours of lectures and I’d seriously start considering hawking yogurt (Dearest mummy it’s just a thought though!) And it’s just straight back to my bed and continuing from where I left off. Good morning and have a good day…….After all it’s MONDAY!!!!! 


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