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Almost every writer has a prayer we pray before and after writing. It’s a habit built over time and it really works. Every single time I have put a pencil on paper, I’ve prayed one particular prayer and I want to share it.

“Dear God, Maker of all things, Giver of all talents and gifts, blessed be your Holy Name. From time in memorial, You have continued to bless people with talents and You have blessed me with a writing talent. Even though I didn’t ask for this talent, You gave it to me and ensured that I developed it and used it to entertain, teach, enlighten and impact the lives of others. That I thank You for. Father, every word I put down is evidence of Your Glory. In my weakest moments, You have used my hands to write even when I thought I couldn’t. As I put down these words, Lord let Your Spirit open up the minds of my readers. Lead them to understand the words and appreciate the gift. It is You who has given me this group of wonderful readers and I appreciate it. Lord aside from these readers, You have given me a group of people who support me, encourage me and do everything possible to ensure that I keep the fire burning.

The Greek saying; “Non Sibi Sed Aliis” which translates into English as “Not for self but for others” is a true reflection of what my talents are to be used for  and how they should be used. Thank You Father for what You have done. Continue to use my mind, hand, pencil and paper for Your will. Thank you for answering my prayer…….. Amen!


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