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At a younger age, writing probably wasn’t my first instinct even though I had a mother who was always writing. I was more interested in how football was played and the strategy involved. While it was fairly common to like football at that age, my obsession with strategy and tactics was different and quite rare. I was by no means a talented footballer, but I wasn’t awfully bad either (average is reasonable). I started writing on issues concerning football after I wrote my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and it wasn’t your regular sports articles. At the beginning of every season, particularly that 2014-15 season, I’d pick some of the top clubs in the world,choose my preferred line-up and put down a tactical image of how I expected them to setup. Well, while some of my friends were busy balling, I’d sit back ( I was either on the sidelines or keeping goal) and I’d analyse their play. So basically my writing begun with sports but the evolution to an all-rounder came just over a year ago

Starting a blog happened just by chance ( or maybe destiny). After 3 years of writing in notepads and having my mother (I got my writing abilities from her) and my kid sister as my only readers, I met an inspirational person. Phoebe-Nita Dadzie, (it was Dadzic during the 2018 WC in fact Phoebetic Dadzic), is a very talent journalist, writer and model who always made time to read my articles when I mailed them to her. She’d show me where I went wrong and always looked forward to my next piece. One day she asked me what plans I had for publishing my work. BIG QUESTION THERE!!!! I had none at the time but the question kindled a fire in me and I found WordPress. Now I have over 20 articles right here. She inspired, inspires and will continue to inspire me to become a better writer. Check out her blog……

Hopefully, I can inspire others to become good writers too. So that’s why I chose to start a blog. In case you didn’t see the reason “I started a blog because someone inspired me to do it.”

Your favourite noisemaker,



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