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Half of the time we don’t realize that something or someone becomes an obsession for us. We think it’s just a “like”,”adoration” or just a feeling of a sense of belonging. Obsessions over “something” can never trump obsessions over “someone”. My point? No idea myself……
An obsession is birthed and nurtured especially when there are barriers to what you actually want. It’s like seeing something, wanting it, but being unable to get it because of a barrier…. Obsessions do serve as fuel for doing more or even better but obsessions can consume a person. Nobody ever fully comes out of an obsession and even if they do…..part of the person is lost.
When a person is obsessed with ” someone”, they tend to be driven and sometimes lock out people who may serve as the alternative to this obsession. It’s either all or nothing.
Is there a proven way to stop an obsession?
Nope!! But if you don’t want to lose yourself to a “love obsession” then just run as far as you can from your obsession.
What if you can’t run?
Then……… learn how to run or prepare to lose yourself……..


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