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Passion serves as the driving force behind many things we do as humans. Ranging from passion for writing, reading, singing, sharing with the needy, among other things, passion is a really good thing to have. What drives a relationship? Difficult to place it on one particular thing. Passion certainly has a part to play in any relationship. The survival of any relationship crucially hinges on Passion.

Passion is the fuel in the fire of action taken. It’s fair to say, without taking action, passion dwindles and eventually dies. To increase passion for something, it is necessary to do that thing on a regular basis in order to hone that skill. Having passion, makes the honing of skills easier especially if it involves the three major art sections. Writing (creative writing specifically), singing (and songwriting) and art (drawing and painting) always need to be honed.

Moving into the “relationship waters” now, there are a thousand and one opinions on what passion in a relationship encompasses. Some are of the view that, “passion is that attraction that brings two together to become the ONE.” Others are of the view that; “passion is that feeling of love, that makes a lover do things that may seem reasonable but in actual sense are unreasonable.” A one-thousand and second opinion was developed during the preparation process of this piece and as such should be attributed to this writer. This opinion is a total, accurate and possibly complete view on passion. “Passion cannot be put into simple terms thus any attempt to do so makes it incomplete. Passion is what everyone says it is plus+ the barely controllable feeling of love, care, fondness, attraction and completion that causes the fire within to be ignited. Passion is indeed fire and remains very dangerous.”(Lumor,2019)

Do you have passion for something? Then do that thing today!!!!


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