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A lot goes on in the month of September with most of these events and activities based on one theme; “September to Remember.” This September, Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation has plans to make a child smile and make it a September to Remember.

Final year BECE candidates are gradually approaching the business end of their junior high school (JHS) lives with under two months to their final exams. Their senior comrades in SHS are half-way through their battle with the famous or rather infamous West African Exams Council (WAEC). These students in JHS have a lot at stake because the decisions they take in the next few months has a bearing on what career path they take. School choices, program of study and other determining factors will influence every decision they take. Over the years, career guidance has not been spoken about at length especially in the government schools. While this has gradually changed in the last two years, there is still quite a large gap that needs filling. 

Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation presents Mentorship 101 on 24th September 2021 at Danboi JHS at Tesano.

MENTORSHIP 101…….What is this Initiative?

To help in filling this gap, Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation came up with a mentorship initiative that would make this possible. Mentorship 101 seeks to provide a level of career guidance based on the aspirations of mentees, coach them on life expectancies and prepare them to be the future leaders we aspire to be. The initiative is expected to cover a wide range of topics including, career guidance, discipline, time management, self-esteem, role models and public speaking among others. These carefully selected topics are important in moulding the mentees and giving them a guide on how to prepare for the future. Mentors and mentees will have a break out session to give them a chance at a more personal conversation.


On 24th September 2021, the team will head to the Danboi JHS at the Tesano Cluster of Schools. The team will interact with the mentees for about two hours on the day, Friday.

How can you support this initiative?

YOU! YES YOU can support this initiative by donating money to 0559582803 (MTN MoMo) and educational material like (stationery, note pads etc.) You can equally volunteer to be a mentor since we need as many hands on deck to mentor the 55 final year students of the Danboi JHS at Tesano. You do not need any special skills to be a mentor just a passion for preparing the younger ones for the future

These children are the future of the nation. Can we prepare them for the future by sharing our own experiences and making it a September to Remember……. Make a child smile on 24th September!


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