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Hello, Welcome to the end of year review

Another year is gradually winding down and here I am again, doing what I love best. I’m here to talk about the year 2021. Last year I went with short and sweet for the conclusion to the year. This time I do not know where my fingers will take us let us just read along and see what happens.

It has been a testing year physically, mentally and spiritually for large periods of 2021. Despite these challenges, there have been a number of successes I am very proud of and many of my readers have followed the journey. In the Year of Restoration and Explosion, God’s hand has been at work in every aspect of my life and I am thankful for everything that has come my way.

When you start the year with a battle with illness, it takes a toll on your outlook for the year. My battle in early January was very difficult because I had to defend my project proposal when I was less than fifty percent fit. For the weeks that followed the fatigue and feeling that I’d been in a war would be part of me. God has been so good and I am healthier, stronger and wiser.

This year I have had to be more selfless and accommodating of people’s views because peace has become an underrated thing. My relationship with some people hit the rocks while others have become stronger but I thank God that he is still guiding me and teaching me how to maintain relationships and let love lead.

Explosion of Impact ❤️❤️❤️

Throughout 2021, I have asked God on countless occasions why the youth are dying in large numbers. Almost every week I see a status with caption “RIP” and when it hit close to home I asked the Lord to help us because it is becoming too much. May all departed souls both known and unknown rest in perfect peace.

In the year of explosion one of the things God put on my heart was Exploding for Impact. The children in the Ghanaian society need people to look up to and my team has successfully made an impact in the lives of 147 children. The Explosion of Impact in the year 2021 is complete and MACSF is ready for greater heights. A new year is upon us and I believe the new projects will make a greater impact.

Our visit to New Life Orphanage Home at Nungua ❤️❤️❤️

I also took my sports writing more seriously but in recent months I’m not entirely pulling my weight. Hopefully a better year in 2022. I also had unique opportunities to host two events and I really have to say that I enjoyed the two shows. I’m definitely going to do more moderating and hosting in 2022.

MC of the year 2021 (Category 😂😂😂MY Own CATEGORY)

OH YESSSS! I completed my first degree in OCTOBER 2021 and unsurprisingly the final year was more tasking and draining than all the other semesters. I made new friends in my last two semesters and these are friends for life.

Someone’s son😂😂😂❤️📸

Finally, in 2021 I have heard the voice of God clearer than I have all my life and it has not been difficult to walk in His will.  As is human nature, sometimes I hear the voice of God clearly but hard guy nti I will ignore it and do what I want. After all the hard guy I come back and ask God if I should do what he said.

All in all 2021 has been largely successful and I just know that in these last few days of 2021 great miracles are coming. I can’t wait to share testimonies with you as we enter the brand new year 2022.

Merry Christmas from me to you and may the season bring joy to you and your family.


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