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No Bra Day 2018


Bonjour……Good morning

So today marks the worldwide celebration of “No Bra Day”
Ever since its inception on July 9,2011 (moved to October 13 to form part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month), various criticisms have been raised against it.
Some say it’s sexist and gender demeaning, etc…etc… Well its a free world so you can easily share your opinion. I guess I’ll just do same……….

I’ve personally been following this celebration for the last three years and let’s say our women don’t seem to completely understand the concept.

Going “braless” on this day serves as a way to show that yes women are aware of the effects of breast cancer and are ready to get examined. I know most men find this amusing and use it as a way to satisfy their perverted minds (sorry for the language there). The women are therefore reluctant to share their “braless” pictures. Bad bad bad…………
I quite remember last year, I posted a no bra day image on my WhatsApp status and I received loads of hate messages (especially from the women). And I’m like: hey breast cancer is real, take time to examine your breast today…..It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You need to be proud of your body! Come on!!!
Embrace what you have……………….
What makes you different from the 82,000 women who posted image on just Instagram and Twitter during last year’s celebration? (yeah I know, that’s a lot of women) Support breast cancer! Post images! (don’t misquote me, I never said body-revealing images). Wearing white on this day is not only acceptable but encouraged. The men can also support by wearing anything purple (shirt, tie, boxers etc…). I could do this all day long…… Just do it!
Happy No Bra Day……. #NoBraDay2018 #setdemtittiesfree


3 responses to “No Bra Day 2018”

  1. Well this is Ghana we are in and the literacy and misunderstanding of petty stuff is real


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