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I’m sure by now we are all familiar with the “taxilike” service UBER. If you aren’t, maybe you just arrived on this planet. It’s pretty safe and relaxing. I’m a frequent user these days because troskis can’t accommodate my extra long frame (#tall_peoples_troski_now). Yessss! I’m talking too much,I know……..On to the story now.

I very much enjoy going home occasionally to get away from the stale food I eat in school. On one such trip or rather after one such trip, it was time to return to school. After requesting my ride, my driver’s name and image popped up and like I always do, i checked his face out and honestly I’ve seen worse faces. Bobbi (not his real name) arrives and we’re on our way to the great UPSA (oh I’m quite sorry, I don’t know if the name change has taken effect yet.) from Bubuashie (you know there right?) He says he’s gonna follow his map and I totally have no problem……not exactly interested in directing amateur drivers or let’s say wannabe drivers! So on our way he starts talking and honestly I can’t even have a conversation with my dearest mummy, how much more a total stranger….. Yep extreme introvertism (is that a word). I can keep up with an occasional hmmm! yeah! mmm! stuff like that but generally my pencil does most of the talking….. Out of the blue he starts talking about walking sticks with swords attached (the kind you see mafia bosses using in the movies), and I’m like; “Dude you’re supposed to focus on the road not swords, minus one star. I have this weird way of rating drivers but that’s a story for another day. Bobbi’s English is like when a GA man speaks Twi (eiii me and this pencil the things we can do….no offence intended Nii m3i k3 Naa m3i). Ah well I think I’ve deviated from the main idea behind this story….. Sorry to disappoint! But like a friend always says; “your ears dey sweet you waaaa” Ha!   Oh before I forget, he ended up with a rating of 2 stars……hihihihi


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