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Sometimes, being able to write stuff isn’t as easy as readers think it is. It’s not exactly a normal routine that one can easily follow and produce the needed results.

Being a writer requires talent, dedication, motivation and inspiration. Inspiration is probably the most difficult to find. Every writer I know draws inspiration from one thing or other. And they can attest to the fact that you think you have inspiration until you have to write. Fortunately, I’ve written about inspiration already ( you can check out my last piece if you haven’t).

The ability to write a piece with the right diction, cohesion and message, doesn’t simply appear like: Abracadabra (if you know magic). The moment you drop the tip of your writing instrument ( I prefer the pencil) onto that sheet, it becomes a whole new case. Taking my writing seriously helped me to understand why authors don’t write fifty books a year.

Then you also have another troubling issue to deal with. Inability to complete a piece can be demoralizing for any writer. The train of thoughts that inspire a writer can easily get lost and it becomes difficult to complete a piece. Over the years, as a young writer, I have more uncompleted articles than completed ones. It’s not always a case of laziness but a case of a break in the train of thoughts. Most people who are close to me and observe my actions tell me that when I’m in a good writing spell, I have a good or rather pleasant demeanour. I for one know that when I’m not enjoying my writing, I cut a frustrated figure ( Like how frustrated I was when writing this).

To end this piece ( not exactly sure how to title it), writing is a talent and I even dare to say it’s a “calling”. One that needs to be nursed to a stage of independent growth. The problem in Ghana is simple! We don’t know how to encourage people with talents to hone those talents. We need to support potential greatness always.


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