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A piece by Queenie-Freda

Fear, the element that holds us back
With strapping hands it binds us
Lying patiently in waiting, mocking our dreams
With brazen disregard for our visions
It grabs us from behind
From the recesses of our spirit
It seeps into our thoughts
Corrupting our goodwill and reasoning
Leave behind a mess of mattered confidence
Fear, the element that drives us
With forceful hands it pushes us
Waiting on edge, urging us to chase our dreams
With innate disdain for our beginnings
It propels us to make ourselves better people.
From the core of our heart
It burns with passion
Inciting our determination, fuelling our hustle
Leaving behind ingrained humility and a pathway
to boundless success
Fear, the element that holds us back
Fear, the element that drives us
Fear, the helping angel
 Fear, the destructive monster
Fear the two-faced wonder

Fear has a way of binding and pushing us towards the dark places. Channeling the fear into something good is very necessary to ensure that you don’t become stagnant. I believe we’ve all had instances where fear has controlled one action or other. This piece reveals that double-edged side of fear and introduces a new point of view on how to deal with fear. Individuals can either let fear controlled them or use the fear to attain new heights. On this note……the choice is yours! Let’s use fear positively.


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