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    Over the last 12 to 15 months, I’ve operated on adrenaline rush and in most ways neglected personal care. Many people who’ve had the opportunity to know me personally know that I always motivate others to prioritize self-care in order to grow and develop. I’ve seen many of these friends, acquaintances and colleagues, take the […]


  • The Last Dance

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final day of the Blogtober challenge. On 1st October 2020, I came into your homes to introduce a challenge to you guys and garner your support for this amazing project. Thirty-one odd days on, we have done what seemed impossible and journeyed together. There have been posts on poetry, […]

  • The Penultimate Day of Blogtober

    When I took up this challenge, my first question was; “How am I going to deliver content for 31 days straight?” This question bugged me for quite a few days but that didn’t scare me. Fast forward to 29th October, I have successfully provided content everyday since 1st October. It has been a month of […]

  • When Heaven Called Out…..

    MHB 411: Head of Thy Church triumphant 1 Head of Thy Church triumphant We joyfully adore Thee; Till Thou appear, Thy members here Shall sing like those in glory: We lift our hearts and voices With blest anticipation, And cry aloud, and give to God The praise of our salvation 4 By faith we see […]

  • Dear Mr. President

    Good evening Mr. President, I bring you warm greetings from the Okaikoi South constituency. My letter to you comes at a crucial time in this electioneering period and I know this will reach you at some point of your tour of Greater Accra. Your Excellency, this is by no means a politically motivated letter but […]

  • Online Harassment: A Canker That Needs to be Eradicated….

    The digitization of the global community has broadened the communication scope. Social media is the new trend which the youth and older generation all patronize. There are numerous social media platforms available for use once you have a device and stable internet connection. Social media use has been on the steady rise and more people […]

  • Nuggets for Dealing with Your Heartbreak

    There’s a lot you learn from your interactions with people from all works of life. Many lessons that shape your life and give you a lot to think about. I’ve had many fruitful discussions with people on dealing with relationship issues and particularly “heartbreaks.” It is very thought-provoking and I suggest that you engage in […]

  • Anything is Possible With the Right Mindset

    Mindset is everything. Yep! Mindset is very important. Your mindset influences your decisions, actions and generally everything. The right mindset is important for a person to succeed. Anything is possible with the right mindset. Many people are limited by their own mindset and end up blaming others for their limitations. We also have a group […]

  • Words of Wisdom….

    We rise high above our expectations Our determination is exemplary We love unconditionally It is how we were brought up. Good people get hurt a lot Can we change our habits? Can we change how we love? Can we do things differently. People criticize a man when he fails to show emotion These same people […]

  • Your Personal Safety Class

    My blogtober journey has been full of surprises and lessons which will shape my writing career in the near future. Today’s post is centered on giving advice on how to stay safe between now and the end of the year. The election year is notorious for many accidents, kidnapping and deaths, among others. This year […]