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A Poem by Queenie-Freda

A starry night
Clear skies
A gentle breeze
Chilled spines
A navy blue blanket
Decorated with golden diamonds
 A seemingless wind
An African princess
With woven silk at her breast
Threaded beads on her neck
Processed shea on her arms
A wooden stool
Supporting her ample hips
A cotton cloth
Covering her supple shoulders.
The stubborn crickets
Keep up their musical cacophony
The hungry mosquitoes swarm
Hoping for an evening meal
In the distance
A bush cat wails
The growl of a dog
And then silence
Out of the shadows
He appears
Menacingly large
Yet charmingly handsome
Trotting majestically
Tail wagging furiously
Brilliant coat shining 
Mud sliding off his nails
Patt patt patt his feet go
Round round round he turns
One last look into the dark bushes
Then down at the feet of his mistress
he settles......
A starry night
Clear skies
An African Princess
Nature admires

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