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The Last Dance

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final day of the Blogtober challenge. On 1st October 2020, I came into your homes to introduce a challenge to you guys and garner your support for this amazing project. Thirty-one odd days on, we have done what seemed impossible and journeyed together. There have been posts on poetry, sports, religion and Ghana’s election, among others. These posts have been shared far and wide with lots of love shown. This challenge has helped fine tune some aspects of my writing that lacked “punch.” I’ve also been introduced to new aspects of writing which I hope to further explore in the coming months. On the whole, this challenge has been good for me and I know that many of my readers have enjoyed my company this month.

My task today is to nominate a blogger to take up this challenge next year. This task is not an easy one but I’ll try my best to submit nominations. The first nominee for Blogtober 2021 is Dave…Yep! I’m putting myself straight back in the mix. Let’s move on to my official nominee list. And the nominees are:

i) Richil Mawuenyega:

ii) Poetess Akosua:

My last nomination is for everyone reading this piece because I have a feeling that many of my readers will start their own blogs. Hopefully, they can take this up next year.

That rounds up 31 days of solid content creation. I’ll be on a short break after this to de-stress, debrief and analyse all articles posted this month. I expect to be back in business by middle of November, to review game played by the Black Stars of Ghana over the forthcoming international break.

A big thanks to all my readers, editors, proofreaders, fellow writers and everyone who has supported me throughout this project. You guys rock!

“With determination you can take up a challenge and complete it to the best of your ability.”

On this note, I declare the Blogtober challenge completed. And now I sign out with a smile. Be safe! Thank You…



2 responses to “The Last Dance”

  1. Hello David, you have done so great a work it is quite impossible to fill in your shoes. Your write ups are really interesting and thought provoking. I can only anticipate what November and December holds. Thank you for always supporting and challenging me to the task. I humbly count on you, for guidance and consistent motivation to pull through with this call.

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