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Dear God

It’s me, the boy whose life you saved together with my mother over 2 decades ago. It’s been quite a journey so far and you’ve been there every step of the way.
Twenty something odd years later I’m reaching another milestone. Some would downplay the significance of the celebration but I know why it’s a big deal.

Many people don’t understand why I chose You but hey why should they understand? You are a gracious God who has remained faithful to me at each stage of life. I’m a living testimony of your faithfulness and I’m not shy to shout this out. IT WAS God, IS God and WILL Continue to be God.

In the year of the Jubilee, the chosen verse was Luke 4:18-19 and I continue to cherish that prophetic word. It exposed me to God and I started to fulfill my purpose. Fast-forward into the year of Settlement, another verse has dropped and it has created a firm foundation for things to come.
Acts 17:28
For in Him we live and move and have our being.”
I am excited that I live and move in You but I’m grateful that despite everything you remained faithful. I’ve faced the toughest times in recent times but You have come through for me even when it seemed late.
COVID-19 came and tried it’s worst trick but at BETHESDA we found you waiting to protect and cleanse us.

Whenever it gets to a period like this, I reflect on key events that prove that God is good. Every year some new things happen and give me a testimony. This year is no different and it’s definitely the biggest so far. Men may not understand why a young boy from Kaneshie should stand in the midst of a catastrophe and still hear the voice of the Lord say “Be still, I will take care of you.” You God, are truly King and master of seemingly impossible miracles.

This New Year is important because there is a vision, mission and commission. The Explosion of Love Campaign has been born to preach the Love of God and bring people into this unconditional love. More importantly, we have a mandate to bring our generation and those behind closer to God’s wonderful love and salvation. I’m assured of one thing- that You didn’t let us start this to leave us halfway. I’m confident that with God and heaven behind us, we will bring more people to the Love of God.

Finally, thank you for bringing me closer to you and for making everything possible even in the tightest of situations. Thank you for family, friends, mentors and spiritual parents who serve as a guiding light on this wonderful journey with you. I know I’ll be back again next year to talk about some of the good things that have come my way again. And oh God……..God bless you!!!!

Your son,


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