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She’s a 10….. you know an absolute 10
But she’s an ABENA, that counts for something right?
Being an ABENA almost definitely improves the rating.
There’s a difference between A and A+ and there’s an easy explanation.
An A+ is when she’s a 10 and an ABENA.

Don’t fantasize about Abena if you’re not completely ready for a full package.
Amazingly beautiful with an extremely impressive sense of humor.

I sat on the floor to write this and her image was all I could see in front of me.
Her eyes stand out particularly when she’s in shock or stunned.
Her laughter?? Extremely contagious…….
She’s fun!!!!!
The sound of her voice is soothing and her mannerisms make me laugh.

I’m blown away and I think I’m crushing on her, which could be very obvious because I always want her close by.
A bit boyish yes…… childish even more but that’s the ABENA effect.

She may read this or maybe not.
I may send it to her personally or I may not.
All the same, she inspired this confession and I’m glad I got it out into the open.
I definitely don’t want to know her relationship status…….I just want to live in my fantasy that seems all so real!

NB: Inspired by someone I enjoy and who makes me smile………


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