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You ever see shege that makes you ask God if you’re on his strongest survivors list?

That’s the kind of year 2022 has been for me. It’s been one of the toughest I’ve faced but I’ve also enjoyed some very good times throughout the year. It’s been shege but there’s so much God has done this year. Let’s talk about the year of our Lord 2022!

And oh I danced like a ………

On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I’d rate 2022 as 8 being an unbelievably tough year. I look back at this year and I’m like WOW there were some really tough times in there. There were times this year that I cried in my bedroom not because I was scared of anything, but because I had been running the race for so long and I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore.
For the first time in a long while I was an emotional wreck throughout the year and I finally understood how people struggle emotionally. We survived 12 rounds of battering financially and my faith in God was continuously renewed everytime he came through for us.

Shall we move to the good part?
Despite all the challenges the sun shone on me in many aspects. At Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation, we had an impact in the lives of 288 children across two projects. Mentorship 101 accounted for 258 of this number and it’s been amazing everything that has happened since then. We met some amazing students and our equally amazing speakers had a huge impact on them. And oh, we have a story to tell about an amazing young lady we met at Mentorship 101.

The Team that steered affairs at Mentorship 101.

On the other side, I found myself preaching to the young ones. This is a shift from what I usually do but when God gives you a command you just have to obey it. The Explosion of Love Campaign was birthed this year and we have two explosive sessions that brought the love of God to school children. Next year will definitely be bigger and more explosive.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve learnt to be more of a team player. This has really impacted my work and I’ve been pleased with my work. I’m definitely looking forward to an even better 2023. I’ve been humbled by the praise I’ve received for some good work done and one in particular moved me to tears (of course in the confines of my room). It was the one compliment that meant a lot to me because it had been a long long year.

I made quite a number of new friends this year! Most of them came from work and I am really content that I made these friends.
There are a number of friends who have remained loyal and they know how much I appreciate their loyalty.

I preached the Love of God!

December has been back-to-back events and oh not one went wrong. We finished it with the Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation Christmas party with Chance for Children at Hebron and I’ve finally got some needed rest although my mind doesn’t rest as I’m already planning for 2023.

Your favorite wedding guest/ coordinator

For “The Hub” it’s been a relatively slow year for my loyal readers. This was mainly because I couldn’t make time to complete pieces I had been working on, a lack of motivation to write and instances where writing would make things worse. BUT I promise to do better than the 14 posts we did in 2022 and serve you with amazing content that will make you laugh, cry, think and believe.

That’s the end of this amazingly long shege year 2022. We’ll be back here on 1st January 2023 with chapter 2 of “The Lady Called Lady.”. Until then, it’s been your Favorite Noisemaker, D-a-v-e $tylo


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