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    Understanding women has always been difficult and it’s even more difficult in this age of technology. Ah well, it’s like someone said; “How can you understand women when they were created while you were asleep?” (please oo I didn’t say it) So I read an article and it inspired me to write this…. Radio silence […]


    When we say God is good, we mean He is good indeed!How many of us would be willing to sacrifice our only son to save even our own life?God did it without even giving it a second thoughtThe faithfulness of God is evident each day in our lives.How many times do we go to bed […]


    The less we say about the performance of the Black Satellites in Niger the better. How did they even qualify for the tournament? This is probably one of the worst performances ever by any Ghanaian team. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise though. The writing was on the wall for well over a […]

  • DANKE Jürgen

    It’s Friday morning let’s do a little throwback. This piece was written way back 2015. I was probably still in first year of senior high school. Enjoy Last weekend, Borrusia Dortmund coach, Jürgen Klopp stepped down as manager of the club after seven years in charge. The enigmatic boss won two Bundesliga titles, a Deutsche […]


    “OH DEATH WHERE IS THY STING? OH DEATH WHERE IS THY VICTORY?” It was difficult to digest the news of his disappearanceHe had just opened a new chapter in his career, yet he couldn’t fulfill a life-long dream.When the news broke that faithful Monday night, we hoped against hope that both men aboard were safe.Then […]

  • To Be or Not To Be?

    I thought she’d be mine foreverUnknowingly, I lost her before I had herHow I lost her, I still don’t know!You don’t lose what you don’t haveWhy then do I feel like I lost her? I built things in my imagination,I dreamt of holding her tightAnd professing my love to her….Yet here we are today….. I […]

  • Tales of a Commuter (S2,E2)

    Who doesn’t love the trotro? I mean no matter who you are, the trotro holds a soft spot in your heart. Many call it the comedy express while others refer to it as a concert party. Today’s story is quite an interesting one. Do we ever fail to deliver? No! Enjoy reading!!!! Every time I […]

  • Tales of a Commuter- Season 2:Episode 1

    Many of you thought we were done with our tales…… Fortunately or Unfortunately, we’ve returned from break time. Break Over pleaaaaaaaase! Welcome back to the classroom of commuters. In this class we give you the juiciest gist from our travels. Note this, every tale, however tall it may seem is not a fabrication or an […]

  • Soulmates

    So after my last post (Thoughts), I decided to give one of my regular readers a chance to propose a topic for me to write on…… The topic chosen was Soulmate and it was chosen by the ravishing and intelligent Angela……. There will be more of these requests so just start thinking about something, you […]


    Sometimes, being able to write stuff isn’t as easy as readers think it is. It’s not exactly a normal routine that one can easily follow and produce the needed results. Being a writer requires talent, dedication, motivation and inspiration. Inspiration is probably the most difficult to find. Every writer I know draws inspiration from one […]

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