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    Procrastination they say is the thief of a writer’s talent. Looking back at times we procrastinated, we are rather thankful that some of us still have our talents intact. That isn’t the theme for this piece though. After my recent piece, I’ve been compelled to write about what inspired that piece. Not what but WHO? […]

  • The Hunter Becomes The Hunted…

    They told me it wouldn’t last. I thought it was just jealousy, but come to think of it, I should’ve listened……. I swept you off your feet….you tried to do same but for fear of breaking your back you stopped You weren’t supposed to be real….. Just a fictional character in my mind…… but there […]

  • AWCON 2018: CAN WE DO IT?

    The 11th edition of the Total African Women’s Cup of Nations is underway in Ghana. Eight of Africa’s finest teams are locking horns for a chance to grab the trophy. The opening ceremony was flawless and it is good to know that the Accra Sports Stadium pitch is in good condition. The Black Queens of […]


    Am I the only one who wakes up on Monday morning feeling like the weekend was too short? Well it’s probably the worst feeling I’ve ever had! Pulling myself out of bed is extremely difficult every day of the week but Monday has an extra twist to it. It’s almost like my body refuses to […]


    Almost every writer has a prayer we pray before and after writing. It’s a habit built over time and it really works. Every single time I have put a pencil on paper, I’ve prayed one particular prayer and I want to share it. “Dear God, Maker of all things, Giver of all talents and gifts, […]


    I’m sure by now we are all familiar with the “taxilike” service UBER. If you aren’t, maybe you just arrived on this planet. It’s pretty safe and relaxing. I’m a frequent user these days because troskis can’t accommodate my extra long frame (#tall_peoples_troski_now). Yessss! I’m talking too much,I know……..On to the story now. I very […]

  • BE MY WIFE……..

  • France 2018: What Went Wrong? (Final Part)

    ( Part one was basically about pre-tournament preparations and the challenges faced, can also be found right here.) At the tournament itself, the princesses seemed unsettled from the first blast of the referee’s whistle. The nervy start led to a sixth minute goal for the hosts, France, and it looked bleak from there with the […]

  • France 2018: What Went Wrong? (Part One)

    The turmoil Ghana football has faced over the last few months seemingly continued during the under-20 Women’ World Cup held in France. The lack of hype that surrounded the team’s qualification seemed to highlight the lack of belief in the capabilities of the Black Princesses. The words to describe the preparation for the tournament need […]

  • Tales Of A Commuter

    Agoo eiii! Am I allowed to talk about the most interesting place in Accra? It’s not actually a place but rather our beloved trotro or troski (DBEES please ooo it’s the also known as the bus). Permission granted errh? Leggo!!! The trotro is a place where after a long day you can just sit down, […]

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